22 definitions by Falconrath

Slang word used to describe the National Threat Level Gauge uses by the US Department of Homeland Security to determine the level of a national threat that terrorists and other forces have on the US.
Now that they raised the level of the Terrorometer, I feel a lot safer.
by Falconrath December 22, 2003
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There's a few bugs to work out in the system.
by Falconrath September 29, 2003
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Name given to a remote program often used as a wordtrojan./word
Stupid firewall couldn't find that SubSeven trojan!
by Falconrath August 14, 2003
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Short for American Family Association

An organization based on christian values whose aim is to present traditional family values back to America.
by Falconrath January 21, 2004
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Name given to the man posing in the picture on goatse.cx which consists of a man ripping his posterior apart.
Aiigh! The Goatse man has blinded me!
by Falconrath August 13, 2003
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Term used to describe a group of conservatives with a certain religion taking their dominance in the world of politics over anything else.
With the Religious Right in the White House, many non-theists feel threatened.
by Falconrath February 1, 2004
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(Also known as Rich Site Summary) A system often used with wordXML/word
to create channels that one suscribes to and views via a news reader or other special system.
Our new RSS feed will make it easier for people to see what's up with us!
by Falconrath September 16, 2003
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