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A prescription drug used for erectile disfunction disorder. According to the commercials it gives a man a strong lasting errection.
In the rare event that you have a four hour long hardon - despite the urge to milk it for all it's worth - you should seek immediate medical attention.
by jesster79 March 01, 2005
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What "patriotic" Americans called sauerkraut during the World War I years during the height of anti-German hysteria here in the United States.
Sauerkraut was renamed liberty cabbage to remove the German connotation, much like what George W. Bush and the Republicans did to french fries by renaming them freedom fries.
by jesster79 August 17, 2006
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Quite possibly one of the lowest forms of life around. A collection of no good, low life, lying, rotten, four flushing, inbred sacks of wind and horseshit.
by jesster79 March 01, 2005
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A nickname for MyPillow, and more specifically its CEO Mike Lindell due to Lindell's support of the previous administration and the plan he tried to provide to overturn the 2020 election.
The MeinPillow guy is complaining that retailers have dropped his products after he was seen trying to present Trump with a plan to implement martial law.
by jesster79 February 05, 2021
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A nickname for one Mike Lindell due to his support of the Fourth Reich and its leader Trump.
The MeinPillow Guy is spouting off again on Facebook, Newsmax, OANN, and so on.
by jesster79 February 21, 2021
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