Someone who believes they are smart but in reality are mediocre.
"Hey wow he's so smart"!
"No he's a total Reliance."
by Exs February 22, 2014
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Self reliance is an art

its when you can survive on your own without help

it makes you feel good about yourself
"Hey man how you been"
"great just spent a week in the forest with only a knife, I killed a deer ate its meet raw and used its hide and carcass as shelter and clothes. Then I had to fend of a bear with my barehands"

"dude thats awesome, you need some major self reliance for that, It also explains the missing arm."
by Rocket Pig skateboards December 15, 2013
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Mutual Lift Reliance, aka MLR.

Mutual Lift Reliance is the phenomenon that occurs when two people believe they can rely on the other for a lift to an event or venue. This can be very frustrating when these friends discover that neither is able to provide a lift, and other plans need to be made, often in a limited time-frame.
Michelle: I'll ask Amelia if she can give me a lift.
Ellen: Alright, hope to see you there!
Michelle: Damnit, Amelia was expecting a lift from me!
Ellen: No! Another case of Mutual Lift Reliance! :\
by SpanishTechno September 25, 2011
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Communist China doesn't believe in self reliance because they don't let their citizens choose how to earn their own money.
by PlatinumDoge May 25, 2021
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