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Primarily known by his stage name Majin dboy, "Madge-Lee-Rice" has certainly crossed the paths of many a lady while on the razz in the early hours of the morning in Northern Ireland. Ripping apart the local nightlife with his slick tongue and average looks, he uses Belfast's Limelight as his primary form of allurement where he hookz 'em and cookz 'em.
After failing a BMI test for being clinically obese, MLR underwent plastic surgery to resemble Colin Farrel but it was a disaster and he now gets mistaken for Jonah Hill.
In 2009, Madge-Lee-Rice exclusively rampaged his way to legend status making him the biggest quarter nigerian bastard of all time.
LK: "I've never hated him, it's just that I wasn't very fond of him especially after he was big creep to me and my sister..."
Macca: "What the hell are you talking about LK? You told me that you have always thought MLR was a gigantic cunt!"
MLR: "How about you both go fuck yourselves, and Macca, while your at it, rub sum cocaine on your gums you fucking whore."
by Colin "Woo" Moore April 18, 2010
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Major League Ratchet (n, adj). When something or someone is beyond a normal or commonly seen level of ratchet.

Derived from a line in the Knoc-turn'al song "The Way I Am": You minor, I'm major league.
"The parents getting arrested at Chuck-E-Cheese are being MLR right now."

"Michael's girlfriend cheated on him with his brother. That was some MLR behavior"
by Leah Anderson October 03, 2014
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My Life Rocks - there has been too many FMLs ("fuck my life"s) on social networking sites that some people have started to use MLR to balance out the negativity with positive social thought patterns.
"Dude, I totally aced that paper - plus I worked only a couple hours on it - MLR!" as opposed to "Oh, I worked 3 hours on a paper, received an A but all my friends think I'm boasting now, FML"
by bleublue April 15, 2009
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Mid Load Regret. when you haven't even finished cumming when you are thinking of ways to leave the girl.
I started to come and felt MLR and justed wanted to get out of there...or at least I was wondering what's on TV
by Tony Quintal October 21, 2007
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1) A phrase meaning: I will not tell anyone what I know.

also an indication of ones complicity in some plot.

2) Dont worry, I wont tell anyone, my lips are sealed

3) I promise i won't tell, MLRS
by MRS PI July 11, 2009
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