Talking- Crushing so hard that you stalked all social media accounts and know where their family went on vacation in 2011. Asks prime group chat to rate them. Sends text 15-30 minutes later even if you see it the second they text you. Plays hard to get even though you're easy AF.

Dating- *commonly misinterpreted* Going out out consistently (over 2-3 dates) and letting them bone you. Allowed to have side hoes. Doesn't fart in front of each other.

Together- Decision making time. Get rid of the side hoes, be nice to your main hoe. Do you want to get more serious or do you want to run as fast as you can? Definitely farts in front of each other.

Boyfriend/Girlfriend- Tied TF down. Buy a leash. Could see yourself putting a baby in her. Instagram profile is 5+ photos with her, Photo Vault is 500+.
Talking (Relationship Step 1)- BOY: "I went to Mexico with my family a couple years ago." GIRL: "Oh yeah, Cabo right?" BOY: "Wait what.." GIRL: "Wait where?"

Dating (Relationship Step 2)- BOY: "I just went to Applebee's and a movie with Jane, but Krystal keeps hitting me up." FRIEND: "Just go over there bro" BOY: "You right"

Together (Relationship Step 3)- *GIRL is flirting with another boy at bar* BOY: "What the F%$* Jane, stop hoeing around." GIRL: "I didn't think you cared. You never tell me how you feel." BOY: "No you're my hoe, let's go home" GIRL: "Okay, let's go home"

Boyfriend/Girlfriend (Relationship Step 4)- GIRL: *Sees that BOY liked some Instagram model's picture* "Why'd you like that girl's photo?" BOY: It's a model Jane, it's not like I actually know her. You're prettier than her anyways." GIRL: "If I was, why TF would you like it then? What am I doing wrong? I literally let you stick it in my butt last night, and you're gonna do that?" BOY: "You're right, I'm wrong. I'll just delete my Instagram" GIRL: "Okay baby :) What're you doing later?"
by Brad+Chad October 29, 2018
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That thing where people find people that they hate less than the general population and think that being with that person(s) is at least mildly tolerable and y'know some do the sex and some don't but we're all just here to find companionship with other human meat sacks.
Girl 1: Heyyyyyy, sooooo, do you have a boyfriend? Are you in a relationship?
Girl 2: No.
Girl 1: Well I can hook you up with someone ;););)
Girl 2: No.
Girl 1: Awwwww, you're no fun! *pouts*
Girl 2: I'M GAY, KAREN
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by ohfortheloveofherbgerblins March 15, 2019
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Two people who live their lives together. Connected by love, trust, friendship and a mutual want to make the other happy. Can be difficult but also beautiful.
We’ve been in a relationship for over 5 years now, it’s pretty serious.
by Coll3g3Chic January 06, 2018
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Nothing changed about what a relationship was since the 20th century. In a relationship, two people spend time together in real life, do things together, and so on. Time spent online talking to somebody online is not a relationship.
Someone you talked to online is not a boyfriend/girlfriend in the 21st century anymore than in the 20th century or before. Talking to somebody on a computer is not a relationship with another person.
by Solid Mantis July 09, 2019
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Wait....are you asking me to define the relationship
Guy:*talks to girl for only three years*
Girl: what are we?

Guy: woah there buckaroo

Girl: I’m only asking to define out relationship

Guy: ReLaTiOnShiP
by Dani_dank_DaVito April 12, 2019
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Some kind of arcane emotional attachment to another human that we all pretend is permanent
They were in a proper relationship
by Agricolas March 19, 2018
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