A clever bending of the words "wild sex"
lets have a relationship on that table
by tom December 15, 2003
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somthing that is good, but mostly its a bad thing. the results are heart acke and not acting normell.
my relationship was good but now i cant eat sleep think or act right. specially once she breaks up with me.
by umpa case May 24, 2006
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A relationship👫 is when you love ❤️and adore 🤞your significant other. THAT does not mean go and tell people your single knowing ur not🚫 ,if someone was to ask if your single and YOUR NOT ❌then your answer should be ➡️“no, I’m not”.JUST BECAUSE UR NOT INTERESTED🚫❤️IN YOUR BOYFRIEND🚹/ 🚺GIRLFRIEND ANYMORE DOESN’T GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO CHEAT 🚻THAT IS BULLS***. WITH THAT BEING SAID🚻🚫 don’t cheat NOR BE A 👫👫HO* THAT SH** AINT CUTE AND YOU KNOW WHO U ARE IAN SAYING NAMES •PEACE•~Halee.K💕🥰
Karma: sorry for cheating Paul

Paul: it’s ok I been cheating since day one this a bad relationship
by 9/11Turtlelover October 16, 2019
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State of mind in which you are more stressed than when you were trying to be in a relationship
"Man I want to be in a relationship with *person*"
"No you doesn't"
by neist March 08, 2020
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