Smoking weed and having sex

Bro I did some serious 351 at Jessica’s house.
by Ashkenazi420 June 20, 2019
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A 351 ia actually a common V-8 internal combustion motor made by FORD.
351 is the displacement in cubic inches.
That Ford truck has a 351 instead of a 302.
If it were a Chevrolet, it would probably have either a 305 or a 350 under the hood.
by Bubbathehutt May 6, 2005
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The 351 (three-fifty-one) is the northeast region of Massachusetts, covering half of Worcester county along with Essex and Middlesex county. There are multiple gangs in two of the cities (Lowell and Fitchburg). 351 is after the old area code which is now 978.
Don’t fuck w her. She’s from the 351.
by soc26 July 23, 2018
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A powerful V-8 engie commonly provided by Chevrolet.
This 351 finna make your old-school smash nigga!
by Saheed May 5, 2005
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The seat number where President Lincoln was shot, seat 351 is considered an unlucky location, similar to how the 13th floor is considered cursed.
Move further down the row, I don't want to get shot in seat 351.

I heard it's a killer show! Here are your tickets for seats 350 and 351.
by boothfan April 13, 2011
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A state or a server on the game state of survival in which people often use as a dating site and meet new people.
Froggy: don’t go spreading this around
IBP: good old state 351
by Lox10946 December 3, 2020
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