Reese is the type of girl that everyone wants to be friends with. She may be a little boy crazy, but only one guy holds the key to her heart. Reese may seem a but shy, but once you get to know her she is super funny, crazy and sometimes a little embarrassing. Reese can light up a room with her smile and makes everyone stop and stare. Everyone loves and wants to be around Reese.
Look, there's Reese! She's so pretty!
Reese is so crazy!
by Insideahole March 27, 2019
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I beautiful girl on the inside and out. She has trouble making friends and doesnt know why. She sits in her room listening to billie eilish while crying. She is nice to everyone. Even the people who hate her. If you hurt her feelings, she wont care. She only gets sad about being alone.
Give Reese a chance. You wont regret it.
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Just a beautiful and amazingly kind person that is awesome at volleyball
Is that Reese she’s just so damn awesome
by LoganUrPapa September 24, 2019
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Reese is very incredible. She is fun, easy going, care free and is a free spirit. She is beautiful on the inside and outside. She forgives, but never forgets, so you shouldn't screw up around her. typically is a Gemini. Has the voice of an Angel, and can draw very very well. She is really fun to have a squinting contest with. Having fake fights with her is the best, because she is so extra. It only becomes a problem if you get into a REAL fight. She supports lgbtq+ for her life and accepts everyone. She has really cute clothes and is a queen. She doesn't let those snakes get to her and stands up to those who dare bother you. Letting a reese go would take away your happiness and snacks she gives you
Livv: did you hear a voice? It's really pretty.
Nadina: duh, that's Reese.

Livv: really? I heard she's a really good friend.
Madi: no she's mean :(
Reese: says you you bum! You would *blah blah blah*
Livv: haha that seems like fun
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by m.k.m.e.r June 15, 2019
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the best and nicest friend in the world, he lives in West Islip, doesn't have a girlfriend but he should.
that Reese is the best friend ever
by Skeleton_reese November 21, 2018
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A commonly used bass synth sound in drum and bass music. It consists of two oscillators (usually sine waves or saw waves) in which one is detuned, so that the phasing of the two waves causes a "wobble" or "pulsing" kind of sound.
That reese was sick!, Listen to this reese bassline I just made, The reese is overused, just like the Amen Break!!!
by G. Khan August 02, 2007
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A kind of candy, usually involving peanut butter. Two examples are Reese's Pieces and Reese's Peanut Butter cups.
Man, that Reese I had some time ago was GREAT! I wish I had another one right about now...
by Dark Chaos February 28, 2004
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