A very hyper zodiac sign that applies to people born from May 21st to June 21st. These people are generally hyper, and as some may say, two-faced. Gemini's are amazing people full of laughs, but some tend to turn on you quick (Keyword: SOME)

Gemini is an air sign, represented by two greek gods whom are twins, Castor and Pollux. These signs are ruled by the planet Mercury, and are quick-witted. They can turn serious really quick, they also are very expressive!
PersonA: She's so serious..
PersonB: No, she's expressive and quick-witted.
PersonA: A Gemini?
PersonB: Yup.
by MistressMoon October 12, 2018
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Absolutely gorgeous, and is a keeper if you ever bump into a Gemini they will always come up with something to say so keep them close .but don’t get on there bad side otherwise you won’t know what’s coming for you .they can be sometimes scared of loving someone but always make this girl/guy weary that you like them otherwise they may get untrustworthy
Boy-‘hey I can tell that girls a Gemini ♊️she’s very pretty
by Unknownyoda.6282 September 8, 2019
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They love knowledge, they are super creative and usually really pretty. They love to move and they have so many friends, the are super social and they move from person to person. They love to write and read and they’re very honest. If you get on the wrong side of a Gemini they’ll be hurt and cold with you but they always give second chances, even if they are reluctant to do so. They are also warriors at heart. They have big dreams and they are simply one of the most beautiful signs. They are also pretty easy to fall in love with.
She’s an amazing person. She’s a Gemini.
by AllUsernamesAreTaken7 August 11, 2018
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A Gemini is a person whom is born in-between May 21 and June 21. A Gemini is a mix of the yin and yang, so they are represented as the Twins. They can easily see both sides of an issue, which is a good quality to have. A less-practical quality about this "seeing both sides of an issue" is the fact that you don't know what Twin will show up half the time; a 50% good, but also a 50% bad. If you are a Gemini, you may not know what side is showing up either, which can cause others to consider you hyper and restless. If you know a Gemini, you may know that they change their minds in an instant. So if you haven't met one, take this for future advice: every minute that you spend with a Gemini, always be prepared for a complete difference in attitude. For example, if your brother is a Gemini he may be happy and laughing, and in an instant he may be yelling at you and storm off for no certain reason.
My mom is a Gemini. When she asked me if I wanted to get a mocha with her, I replied, "yes." When the waitress gave us our drinks, she accidentally dropped my mocha. It wasn't that big of a deal until my mom, all happy and smiley, started getting mad. The waitress replaced my mocha and all was fine afterwards, but those Geminis...
by Roxyroo3 January 4, 2018
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Gemini girls are the Cutest and prettiest zodiacs, they love attention and cuddling but if you get on their bad side they become Satan and will snap at you, But they really are sweet and beautiful. Their also pretty damn sexy and are the best in bed. But most people don’t know because they misjudge Gemini woman and they need to be noticed more💖🦋
Guy1- Hey dude you know that girl I sit next to in class?
Guy2- yeah what about her?
Guy1- she’s so hot, I wanna smash her so bad
Guy2- dude wtf is wrong with you?

Guy1- what? She’s sexy!
Guy2- that’s because she’s a Gemini!
Guy1- really?! I’m asking her out tomorrow!
by 🫐 December 22, 2020
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A gemini either loves with all their heart or loves with none of it. There is never an inbetween.
You don't want to be on the bad side of a gemini because they can be really vicious. Although some aren't vicious at all and get taken for granted. Never hurt a gemini because they can be very sensitive. They will be the most loyal friend you can have. A gemini will stand by you no matter what and support you through the decisions. Don't take them for granted. You're only hurting yourself, you'll either lose a best friend or get hurt worse than you hurt them.
Person A: I just decided, I hate you bitch

Gemini: (shares around worst secret)
Person A: Definitely a gemini

Person A: I just decided, I hate you bitch
Gemini: *cries* I'm sorry, I thought we were friends
Person A: Definitely a Gemini, I've just lost the best friend I could have had.
by geminigal1212 February 3, 2021
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One of the Zodiac signs:
A Gemini is all over the place. Their heads in the clouds but they can come down to the real world to help a friend. They tend to be hilarious and ready to fight at any given moment. Usually they come off as innocent, but they can fight with the skills of a trained warrior.
Be careful with Geminis. You're lucky if you're in their life for long. Don't piss a Gemini off, however, because they can rebound back with twice the amount of pain you offered them.
Scorpio: I don't know I've been having a dark time recently and I just need someone to talk to about it.
Gemini, drinking: bUdDy yOU cAmE to thE riGHT plAce.
by Dead_Memes May 16, 2020
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