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Reese is very incredible. She is fun, easy going, care free and is a free spirit. She is beautiful on the inside and outside. She forgives, but never forgets, so you shouldn't screw up around her. typically is a Gemini. Has the voice of an Angel, and can draw very very well. She is really fun to have a squinting contest with. Having fake fights with her is the best, because she is so extra. It only becomes a problem if you get into a REAL fight. She supports lgbtq+ for her life and accepts everyone. She has really cute clothes and is a queen. She doesn't let those snakes get to her and stands up to those who dare bother you. Letting a reese go would take away your happiness and snacks she gives you
Livv: did you hear a voice? It's really pretty.
Nadina: duh, that's Reese.

Livv: really? I heard she's a really good friend.
Madi: no she's mean :(
Reese: says you you bum! You would *blah blah blah*
Livv: haha that seems like fun
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by m.k.m.e.r June 15, 2019

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Ella is amazing. She'll make compromises and mainly do what you want. She doesn't give up. She accepts reality. Mostly, in a fight, she's the peace maker. She's the one stuck in the middle, like the messenger. She will listen to both sides of the story and won't be biased. She tries her hardest, and is very loyal. She tries to give her best advice out, and her honest opinions to help you and keep you safe. She'll listen to you, even if you might be talking about the same thing for like an hour. She cares a lot about her friends and family, even if she might complain about her family. She is very wise and excels in geography and history class mostly. She is really fun.nShe is beautiful on the inside and outside. Losing an Ella would be equal to losing your hope and chill.
Gina: shes so annoying!
Ella: she feels betrayed and jealous of you and Mina.

Gina: wow I didn't realize that. I was so stuck up I should've seen how she was feeling.

Thank you ella!
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by m.k.m.e.r June 17, 2019

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A Madeline is always nice. She cares about others. Yes she may not like some of them, but she makes a point to try to be nice to them. A Madeline always has your back and you can count on them. They often say crazy words, such as "Oofala" "Boogalo" and more wack words. They are often good at speaking other languages. They hate when people pronounce their name as "Madeleine". They are kinda shy at first, but later they arent. They are sweet and caring. They annoy you sometimes, but you'll love a Madeline. Madeline is very pretty. Most Madeline's have big families. She can humor you and listen to yoy. leaving a Madeline would be a terrible decision, because you wouldn't be as happy as you were with her.
Pam: I heard a really weird noise

Harp: really? Like a voice
Pam: yeah. It was a weird word. They said-/
Madeline: OOFALA RrrR
Pam:oh nevermind that's just madeleine?.
Madeline on the inside: AurghhHhhhhHgHahhsn
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by m.k.m.e.r June 17, 2019

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Kaitlyn is really athletic, generically a blonde hockey player. She lives in like a mansion, and always invites tons of friends for a pool party. She plays soccer in her free time like during free period of gym and yeah. She's like just one of the guys, and is a major tomboy. She is typically obsessed with rainbows, and loves to make uh jokes and find the humor in anything. Kaitlyn is really really pretty with eyebrows always on fleek. She supports your friends, and is a very good teammate to have. She loves watching sports on TV. She listens and laughs along. She let's you try stuff she might want to do, and is very patient, especially with angry dad's. she loves kids and kids love her. She offers her time to others and volunteer. She is very smart and is an A student. Letting go of a Kaitlyn is like letting go of your rock. Kaitlyn is you rock. Letting that go would make your life depressing.
Ella S: wow Kaitlyn is really pretty
Ella O: I know. She's really athletic too.
Patty: she got a 98 on her last test!
Ella S: brains and beauty.

Ella O: all of those kids love her.
Patty: I don't know why Joey didn't want to be her friend anymore. If I had a Kaitlyn as a friend I would never let her go.
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by m.k.m.e.r June 15, 2019

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Typically made up out of 5 really cool girls, diverse, different from each other. They will have your back and always support you no matter what.
Go get yourself a Giggle Gang
by m.k.m.e.r June 13, 2019

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