Something that seems too good to be true, and turns out to be true, but also comes with lots of compromises and tradeoffs.
Mom: Hey kids guess what?!?! We're moving to a new house!!!
Everyone: Yay!!!!
Mom: With a swimming pool in our backyard!
Everyone: Yay!!!!
Mom: And a free hot tub!
Everyone: Yay!!!!
Mom: And it's well below our budget!
Child 1: Why do I feel like there's a big but coming...
Child 2: Uh oh
Mom: You guys have to share a bedroom
Child 1: Ah shit here we go again...
by UwUltimateDoge June 2, 2020
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A eraticly great thing for men/boys to stare at and want it it is a way to show that you like a woman it is very tasty
Man she has a big but look dude!
by NNE10011 February 13, 2018
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The act of exceeding any already seemingly challenging task. Example; Jay-Z not only got Beyoncé to like him, but got her to fuck him as well.
He went big on the cocaine, but he went big on big when he overdosed
by Jittersnatch June 27, 2017
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That good ol’ big big. If you ain’t got that big big, you ain’t no good.
Yo bro, do you got that Big Big?”
by Mr. sweet nipples May 31, 2019
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A more extreme version of ‘well in.’ Used as an exclamation in response to a significant success/celebration.
Where as ‘well in’ may be used when a goal is scored at a Premier League football game, ‘BIG IN’ is used when a goal is scored at the World Cup.
by Elandhiz October 29, 2020
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Whoa I wish my dick was that big!
by Mzdankness November 3, 2019
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A sort of adjective/participle/verb phrase. To be "big on" something is to like it, be a fan of it, etc.

If you're a propenent of something, you're also big on it.
1) "I'm big on history. I really like learning about ancient people and how what they did affects us today."

2) "That congresswoman is really big on spending for schools and education."
by andriod5 December 28, 2005
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