the most amazing person you will ever meet but very conceited her heart is big but only let's a few people see that she is very hot she is very gay only few have ever seen her sensitive side she is not one to argue with she's funny but can get annoying she makes a great best friend she is loyal and caring to people she loves and if anyone hurts someone she loves she's no longer Reese she is a she devil
Person 1 " no girl really catches my eye"

Person 2 " LOL have you met Reese what a babe"
by Lil miss Viv March 25, 2018
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Reese is an amazing best friend to most people. Reese is VERY athletic and crazy. She is boy crazy for everyone! Sometimes she gets mad about her friends but they will always be there for her. Most Reese’s have ADHD or seem like they do because they are always crazy. Even though most Reese’s are boy crazy they usually have one boy they always text and that she loves.
Dylan likes this girl her name is probably Reese.

Dlyan only likes Reese because her name is Reese.
by Dlyan and Reese should date February 09, 2019
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Reese is a man with the largets damn ego you have been looking for all your life. He stops drama by causing more drama. He cares a lot about his personal image, and really only anyone who actually kisses up to him. He's a real treat to get to know. If your life is boring, you obviously have never met a Reese.
Guy 1: "That Reese fucker spilled the beans about last night."
Guy 2: "It was a cover up for what he did today to that girl."
Guy 1: "I'm sick and tired of his shit man."
Guy 2:"Yeah man, wanna just hit a blunt?"
Guy 1:"Yeah man, let's go."
by FrancisFerdinanSmasher December 15, 2016
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Any kid who has orange hair and dies the tips black to be cool. Can also refer to a person who is just an all around dickhead and thinks smoking weed is the coolest thing.
1. Wow look at that ginger over there. He died the tips of his hair black. Let's call him reeses now.

2. Wow reeses is such an asshole. He says he hates minorities and makes all these racist comments but doesn't really seem to realize gingers are a minority too.
by Noneofyourconcernmrporrecca September 06, 2009
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A beautiful girl with dirty blond hair and blue eyes. Not many people are friends with her because they think she talks too much but little do they know she is actally a very sensitive and kind person who just wants a friend. She listens to good music and is fun to be around and funny
1:have you seen reese?
2:yeah she talks a lot
1:actually she is very nice and pretty funny
1:oh maybe I’ll talk to her
by ?¿I’m confused?¿ March 03, 2019
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A bitch that fucking backstabs you that is white af that said the n word with no n word pass
Guy 1: Do you like Reese?
Guy 2: Hell no!
by Not t series June 27, 2019
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