A girl that can't do a front flip. But your still friends with her cuz she just the coolest😂
by Peoplepersonthatsaperson April 04, 2017
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Reese is a guy who is a compulsive lying cuck and likes to act like a bitch all the time
My friend Reese lies about getting titty pics
by dragonslayerbob March 28, 2019
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a crazy psychopath who always goes back to this hoe who got back roles bec all she eats is casa and burgie. his first move in a fight is a head but. wears a frozen backpack which is cringy AF.
reese is me
reese is an actual icon
by jvtgtktkmhmggmgsnjttrtab April 13, 2018
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The hottest mother fucker around. All the girls drool over Reese. He is funny and always brings a good time. Reese is sexy and sweet and will please all your needs. If you meet a Reese make sure you take him into bed and you won’t be disappointed
Oh Reese I’m so soar from lastnight

That guy is hot. He must be a Reese
by Your sexy hot mother March 08, 2019
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when you stick your dick in peanut butter then fuck a person in the ass after she shit and hasn't wiped.
"yo you here what bob did to nancy? gave her a reeses.
by trymewanker July 01, 2010
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