To kiss you all over,
Girl: I'll see you tonight

Guy: I can't wait to eat you

Girl: I can't wait to kiss you either
by Dirtydoubledee April 6, 2016
Oral sex in the vagina,

In basic terms licking a cunt.
Person A: I want to do one more thing with you
Person B: What then?
Person A: Eat you out
by dotoriton May 2, 2010
Guy1:"aww that your soo cute i would eat you up"

Guy2: "dude stop trying to bite me you homo"
by GnaOly December 20, 2008
To lick &/or chew your pussy.
Crystal can I eat you up if you don't wanna fuck?
by twiggy June 16, 2006
bob "ohh your so cute i would eat you up"

Joe "dude your eating a dog and talking to it"
by Rawr206 December 18, 2008
I eatyou is Turkish slang.It means you really fancy the other person or you think there wonderful.
guy says: "you are very beautiful,i eat you baby"

girl says: thanks! I eat you too lover!
by lalalaurenlove October 20, 2008