Reese is Beautiful, possibly the prettiest girl in the entire universe. All the guys crushing on her. Skinny legend barley eats lunch. Amazing friend with beautiful curly brown hair and amazing light eyes that you get lost in everytime you look her way. All the guys falling over her, though some chose to not..1% She has so many friends..and they all are hilarious. Reese knows how to have a good time and when to stay serious! She is so fun to be around and gorgeous to look at. I love you reese give me a chance!
Person 1: Reese looks so gorgeous today much like everyday I wish she was mine.

Person 2: Don’t we all wish, whoever is lucky enough to land her they are ultra lucky.

Reese: Hey guys what’s up!
by Happydays14 March 25, 2019
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The most fantastic guy you could EVER possibly know. :) you're lucky if he cares about you, and you've gotta be something special if he does. His eyes ARE beautiful, but his heart even more :) He's romantic with his girl, but tough as steel with the guys. Truely the most wonderful person to date, or be-friend. He's a giving lover ;) and an able friend. He's always there for you and always will be. If you can earn his trust, you know you mean alot to him, so don't abuse it, and don't hurt him. Or you'll have the wrath of A LOT OF PEOPLE (including me) on you. Not only is he the best kind of friend, he is my Best Friend. :D <3
Girl-- Reese was such a sweetheart lastnight! Is he at school today?

Boy-- Yeah we hung in gym :) That kids suhweeeettt!

Reese-- Hey dear I missed you already!! Hey dude, sup?!
by JohannaMarie<3 November 27, 2011
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Reese is a girl who knows how to have fun. She is beautiful but she doesn't know who she is yet and she might lie a lot. But she is caring and she loves everyone she meets, if they treat her right. Reese loves acting. And it's because of this that she isn't your average girl. She is strange but not stalker strange. She loves being crazy. If you love her and she loves you, then you better be prepared cause she isn't one to back down. Reese is a badass. She isn't afraid of anything. Reese hates liars and she loves her friends. Reese is very indecisive. Reese may be a badass, but she is very sensitive and make one move to hurt her, and she will break your face. She loves guys with blonde hair and blue eyes. People pick on her. She goes through a lot in one day.

1. "Reese is so weird but she really knows how to have fun!"

2. "Damn Reese is weird. She is like a retard or something."
by potatopie November 22, 2012
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Reese is a girl who you will always have something in common with. You never want to be on her bad side, and if you are, she won’t strike immediately, but you have karma coming if you’re on her bad side. She loves to dance, act, and sing. She likes being the leader of things, but she doesn’t like being in the Spotlight. Every guy who sees her wishes he was her boyfriend. Reese is mature when she needs to be, and the life of the party when she doesn’t. Her eyes are easy to get lost in, but she discriminates herself way too much. But Reese is always a great person to talk to because she’s been through some stuff. She goes through a lot in one day. She likes looking at quotes. She always tries to keep a positive mind, although, if you leave her life, I can guarantee you that you will not be back anytime soon.
I got into a fight with Reese a couple weeks ago; today she came back at me and I severely regret fighting with her.
by BroadwayBound November 24, 2018
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Reese is a very kind, smart, beautiful girl. She very outgoing but also can be kinda shy. She loves to hangout friends and just goof off. You are very lucky if she’s yours. Hold her tight, kiss her and don’t let go. She will always be there for you no matter what. She cares about others and alwayss puts others before herself. She is that person that you can open up to and tell her what’s going on in your life. She’s the one that when you hangout and just cuddle on the couch she’ll never get bored. She may be annoying at times and may be mean but at the end of the day she’s a really sweet girl. If she’s yours keep her. :)
guy: hey that Reese girl is pretty amazing!
other guy: i know right!
by walkerwright July 11, 2018
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Reese is one of the best girls you'll ever meet. She is the most loyal friend anyone could ask for and will stay by your side no matter what. She is usually blonde with beautiful blue eyes.
Her sense of humor is flawless but when you get really close with her she might talk about personal, deep, and psychological things with you. People make fun of her a lot but they don't know everything she has been through and seen. Losing Reese will make you rethink everything.

When she finds that one person who will talk about life and drama with she won't flake off and she'll do little things to make then feel special and appreciated.

Lots of people dislike Reese because she is involved in a lot of drama and rumors but her true friends won't listen to that negativity.

She is beautiful inside and out, even if she doesn't realize it. Don't lose her.
(irrelevant people) Reese is so over-dramatic and annoying. I hate her so much.
(her friends) Reese is the most loyal friend there is.

Reese is so beautiful. I would love to call her mine.
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by seattleanonymous October 24, 2017
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