Reese is a girl who loves to have fun, although when she is alone, she is a very shy and mysterious person, yet when around friends, she goofs off and enjoys lots of things. Sometimes has to be serious, even at the funniest times, she cares about everyone, no matter friend or foe she will be there for the rescue. She is a kind and friendly person, easy to get along with, and she is always smiling on the inside. Reese is usually a weird kind of person. (girl or boy) She has usually brown eyes, mostly gray at times, plain brown hair, and very tall. If you ever run in to a Reese, I would not get on her nerve, even if she is a nice person, she is a badass when it comes to fighting, so I suggest not getting on her last nerve or it may just leave you unconcious. Reese! I wish you new I said this about you!!! XD
Reese: Nice to meet you! I'm Reese.
New girl: Oh, hey i'm Riley.
Reese: Well, nice to meet you Riley, I hope you enjoy it here!
New Girl: Thanks! I look forward to enjoying it!

Later on...

Guy: Oh my god look at that girl, she is being so nice to everybody. (Not like the other girls)
Other Guy: Oh she is totally a Reese, right?
Guy: Right.
by Hunter4477 March 20, 2013
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A very Hot and sexy bitch that loves to party.she is smart,pretty,atletic and thick.she is a very loving girl who would love to be your girlfriend .she has a booty like Kim k.Reese is so nice ,she will love you forever and if you lose her you will regret it.if you find a Reese you don’t lose her
Is that Reese ,because she is so thicc and hott.

Yeah that’s Reese the hottest girl in the school
by Hottie/reese February 26, 2019
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Reese is a beautiful girl who loves to have fun. Reese is a humorous girl she know when she has to be serious and responsible. She knows when to be girly and tomboyish. She’s the type of girl to let loose and hangout. She changes her mind a lot but when she chooses her decision is a good one. Reese is so gorgeous all the guys are crushing on her. She has blonde hair and killer blue/green eyes. A girl who is very athletic and just extremely fun to be around.
OMG!! I want to hangout with Reese so bad she’s so much fun!
by Kathygeller102 April 25, 2018
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a person who is incredibly insightful, powerful, extraordinarily driven, and loving.

this is a person who is there for you if ever and whenever you need him.

he is always level-headed.

he has beautiful eyes.

his heart is made of gold.

he farts a lot with the heater on and windows rolled up. RUDE.

in short, a reese is a person you always want in your life.
"I HATE when you pull a reese in the car! It smells like eggs."

"You were such a reese tonight! I love you HONNNEYYY" to be said to a significant other after a good meal, a good date, or good sex.
by Mergen February 02, 2009
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Reese is the type of girl who is a very loyal friend, usually has brown eyes and brown hair she has a really good set of pipes. If you get on her bad side she will punch your face in. If you ever encounter a Reese than stick with her.
Wow Reese is the best
by slapshot_1_5_6 November 28, 2017
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Reese is that one girl at school who has a ton of friends but no one besides them seems to like. She's like that one popular kid that no one knows why their popular. Reese can be loud and obnoxious, funny and bubbly, pr ett y and attention seeking , but Reese is very independent as well. She like to take charge in what is needed to be done and she always finds a way to do it. Reese is very athletic and skilled. She would be first pick when you picking teams in gym. Reese is also socilizebel. She also likes spending time with the friends that she has. She doesn't have many because of how picky she is when it comes to looks. Reese can also be a jerk sometimes but even though she has many flaws, she still continues to share her smile with anyone and everyone!
Reese is a confusing person.
by depreshion;( July 11, 2018
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