Mini TikTok
A minor video streaming platform within a social media platform created by Instagram as insurance for when President Trump deletes TikTok.
Guy #1: Everything on reels is so ass man.

Guy #2: I know dude, it’s just mini TikTok.
by jacobsartoriusgirlfriend August 6, 2020
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When someone is wearing pants with a word on the butt and one of the letters is sucked in between their cheeks. The word rebel, for example, becomes reel.
That girl is reel! She's reelin' it up!
by ClitsRus April 21, 2008
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it has two definitions

1. to be so shocked u don’t know how to function

2. to be laughing uncontrollably laughing to the point u don’t know what bodily fluids will excrete from ur orifices
i’m reeling i’m vomiting i’m peeing i just fell off the eiffel tower
by kathytrunchbul March 13, 2019
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Greezed, tricked, or having someone pull a fast one on you.
Boy 1: Go to the movies with me, Shaniqua.
Shaniqua: I gotta go to Oregon, sorry
Boy 2 to Boy 1: Man, that movie with Shaniqua was poppin
Boy1: WHAT? Dude, Shaniqua REELED me!
by YoBaws March 12, 2013
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1.The dog went haywire.Try to reel it in.

2.I cannot reel it in,when I get psyched.
by Toa Pohatu February 22, 2017
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When a person retracts a comment that should not have been said or was received poorly.
Joe was reeling after he told his ex she was untrue to her word.
by ShawnyBee November 24, 2017
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Being to awestruck, to shocked to comprehend anything
" man, im still reeling form last night"
" i cant beleive she is still reeling from what he said"
by eileen86 November 27, 2005
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