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The most successful English football team ever. Widely regarded as having some of the most loyal and passionate fans in world football.

Champions of England 18 times
5 European Cups
7 FA Cups
3 UEFA Cups
3 European Super Cups
7 League Cups
15 Charity Sheilds
by mckattack May 27, 2009
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In a couple of years, Spanish players will outnumber English players on LFC by a 50-0 margin.
by International Bad Boy March 17, 2005
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Their fans are cocky and delusional. They believe that their club is the best in the world when they aren't even. People hate Liverpool I think mostly because of their fans.
A: You support Liverpool FC?
B: Yeah, and we are the best in the world!
A: 2-7 Aston Villa hahahahahaha
by Epicness + Dankness November 11, 2020
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Evertons bastard child
Gobshite: What history have you got?

Everton fan: we won the league on your ground berfore you existed You twat

Gobshite: *doesnt understand because he is actually from norway*
Liverpool fc are wank
by Blue_Rob March 25, 2006
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A football (sic) team, Everton FC's illegitimate offspring. Locals appear to shun them, however hoardes of out of towners and even out of countryers tag on to the name of the city for a few hours once a fortnight in the hope of establishing a rapport between themselves...and then sod off agin.
"Scuse Signori, I come to watch football match for to see Liverpool? Where is being Anfield?"
by Mick D August 29, 2003
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The best team in the World. 41 Trophies, including 5 Eurpoian Cups and 18 Domestic League Titles. Won the Champion's League on 25th of May 2005.
Gerrard and Carragher are England's two best players and they play for Liverpool F.C.
by LFC-Chris July 11, 2005
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