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the most evil, bloddy, cursed and short plays ever written by Shakespeare. In the story, Lord MacBeth meets up with three witches who say he's going to be king of scotland. MacBeth decides to speed the process up a bit and kills the king of Scotland, King Duncan. As king he starts killing off anyone he fears until Duncan's son, Malcolm, and lord MacDuff form in army in England to overthrow MacBeth. In the end Malcolm becomes king, MacBeth's wife goes insane and kills herself and McDuff shows up on stage with MacBeth's head. The big thing is that the play is cursed and it's bad luck to say it in a theatre. Those who believe in the curse refer to it as "The Scottish Play".
All hail MacBeth, king of Scotland!
by Ron_Thornbrash May 24, 2005
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The act of clearing a stage of all props, set and debris. This can include setting the set up again for the next performance or dismantaling the set for good and storing the props for another show.
We need to strike the set before we go home.
by Ron_Thornbrash May 22, 2005
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The heat required for one particular material to raise one gram of that compound one degree celsius.
The specific heat of water is 4.19.
by Ron_Thornbrash May 24, 2005
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In theatre, it is the act of placing tape on a stage indicating to an actor where he, or she must be at an important point in the play. This occurs periodically during blocking and usually involves glow-in-the-dark tape.
Spike this and set for next scene.
by Ron_Thornbrash May 22, 2005
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The most politcally incorrect show tune ever. The whole basis comes from the miscal "The Producers" by Mel Brooks. the Plot is that two play producers try to make a Broadway flop so they can collect on all the sponsorship money. The produce the play "Springtime for Hitler" and the play turns out to be a hit.
Springtime for Hitler, a gay romp with Adolf and Eva.
by Ron_Thornbrash May 22, 2005
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Phrase used in extreme exclamation. Derived by the chracacter of Black Mage in "8-bit Theatre" as he was being held over a pot of deadly acid.
by Ron_Thornbrash May 22, 2005
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A small group of islands in the Pacific aquired by American in a pact with Germany. No one really knows exactly where it is, who lives there, what language the locals origanlly spoke before we showed up or that the capital is Pago Pago. The only time anyone pays attention to it is when some one is doing a special on sweat shops because apparently that's what drives it's economy.
American Samoa, this time on National Geographic.
by Ron_Thornbrash May 22, 2005
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