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The appallingly unconvincing and unsubtle 'wear' marks industrially made on high street jeans either side of the fly area, to give the illusion that the person wearing them either:

1) Does something more strenuous with their life than mope about the mall all day and wank over radio friendly garage rock bands.


2) Buys their clothes from charity shops because they're so 'core, but actually can't conceive the idea of leaving the mall.

So called, funnily enough, because the lines resemble whiskers either side of the person's cock.
"Heyyyy, duuuuude, you like my new jeans?"

"Mate, they've got cock whiskers and look like you sat in bleach. What are you even doing?"

"Ohhh... I'll wear my ones with paint on them then. So hot right now..."
by bmr May 18, 2004
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Vulgar slang used to describe a woman's knickers, or especially a thong.

Hammock : ham·mock n.
A hanging, easily swung length of canvas or heavy netting suspended between two trees or other supports and used as a seat or bed.

Twat : twat n.
Vulgar Slang. The vulva. (in this case, the hammcoked parts are the Labia Majora, or in extreme circumstances Minora too)

A Hammock for the Twat.

"Her twathammock was too thin for such an excitable girl, and soon folded into the abyss"
by bmr May 11, 2004
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Stinking, awful, Red Rizlas.

Thick as copy paper, and about as wide, reds are for the stoner who smokes such weak gear (likely soap bar hash) that paper fumes are an essential chemical component of the high.

Often used by novice, or unskilled smokers, as the size and weight of the paper make it easier for feeble hands.

Only acceptable as a last resort, when too blazed to roll properly, or if you're smoking brambles.
B: "Right then, chuck us some skins, actuate the phonograph, and stick the kettle on Cuthbert"

C: "I've only my trusty reds. Incidentally, Spa just shut."

B: "You really are a first-class cunt, Cuthbert"
by bmr May 12, 2004
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A specialised type of lighter thief, who dabbles only in the twocing of Clipper brand lighters.
Fred: "Anyone have a light?"
Bob: "Here y'go guv"
Fred "Clipper, eh?"
Bob: "Yeah."
Bob: "Fred...?"
by bmr November 16, 2004
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An abbreviated term for an Embassy cigarette (usually Embassy Number 1s). One of the few respectably strong brands of cigarettes widely avaiable in the UK not to suffer filtre perforation, with a reassuringly chemical flavour.

They can be identified by a white packet, with a dual-tone diagonal red stripe.
"Ponce us an Embo to go with my coffee Cedric"

"They're really more of a tea fag, Harlequin. Twoc a Gitane off Jean-Luc while he's in the lav"
by bmr February 28, 2005
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ham·mer n.

A particularity difficult and gnarly trick performed on a skateboard, the emphasis being on the sickness, as opposed to grace or flair of its execution. Usually down or over a large obstacle, more often than not, sets of stairs and handrails, often switch and at great risk to the skateboardist.

Origins: Popularised and derived from "Hammertime" (MC Hammer), to Hammer (verb), and then to noun, e.g. a Hammer is the product of said ‘Hammertime’ (to ‘go off’, ‘come up’, ‘kill it’ or ‘bust out’).

This meaning of Hammer is promoted most vigorously by Jim Greco. Although once a staple of the 'Hesh' community, Hammers now transcend all hesh/fresh barriers, as the documentation of such Hammers is closely linked with making mo' money though incentives and sponsorship, and translates seamlessly into the philosophy of mainstream rap.
"I got a mad hammer filmed for my part, i'm so ill I make me sick"

"yeah he can throw mad hammers, whatever, his steez mings; pushes like a buggered penguin having an epileptic fit"
by bmr May 11, 2004
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