To be stabbed. Term used by wannabee gangsta's.
He's going mad! Someone gonna get plunged!
by Steve M February 7, 2005
While someone is sleeping, you place your asscrack on their nose, and fart.
Dude, I plunged the shit out of that bitch last night!
by BuffDaddyJay March 9, 2011
Pussy lungs. The act of coughing after a drag on a hookah
Chris has massive Plungs.
by Plungs Master July 17, 2011
The act associated with the bottom of your scrotum clapping the outer walls of the vaginal opening.
Devante Cornelius : Hey man, how was last night?
Jamaal Blackburn: Oh boy, I plunged deep into her walls
by master appleby December 23, 2016
This is the term for fucking, or going deep into som-one, this originated from a European boy who proclaimed "I am The Plunger! and i shall Plunge Thee"
Mr.Man: "Oh man your so gonna get plunged, im gonna plunge you so hard you won't be able to sit down for a week"
by Ronin November 4, 2004
Plunged is a past tense term meaning fucked/had sex/slept with
by Urbanator5000 December 20, 2022