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Only the best written fanfiction on the Internet that has ever been known to include violence, sex, love, and Harry Styles.
Kayla: Have you read Dark?
by -Fanfic reader January 15, 2013
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Used to describe something that is shady, unsettling or darn right mystifying. Most commonly used by Generation Z, or Gen Z, to describe a person, place, or thing. "Dark" can simultaneously, but not always, have a positive and negative connotation. Used as an adjective when all other adjectives fail and are unable to express what needs to be expressed.

If you get it, you get it.
Me: "I'm gonna go get some broccoli at the grocery store"
You: "That's super dark. Have fun"

"That picture we snapped on the train ride home from Lolla was dark"

Me: "I'm feeling quite dark at the moment, what shall we do?"
You: "I have an idea: let's pull out all of our childhood clothes that are 10 sizes too small, put them on, and play Rock band 2"

"That one night when we ate 10 entire Little Caesar pizzas and drank 4 boxes of wine just between the two of us was dark"

Me: "Remember when we were freshmen in college?"
You: "Yes I do, we were v dark"
by the future is crocs August 07, 2018
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1: A lack of light, or closer to the color black
2: Depressing, scary, or triviliazing something that others would find depressing or scary.
3: Another way of saying evil
4: Having to do with individuality and isolation. Considered good in some circles, with it's opposite, light having to do with conformity and lack of integrity.
Hey, the room just got dark.
Dead baby jokes? I didn't realize you had such a dark sense of humor.
Watch out, he has dark intentions.
So you're dark, I was getting tired of dealing with all those sheep.
by entivore October 06, 2003
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"Dark" can be a slag word to describe heroin.
It is most popularly used in Britain, as "white" is commonly used to describe cocaine.
Aright man, you got any dark?
by freddyfukinkruger January 23, 2010
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Originally meaning moody/scary/bad scene

Now also the inverse

In Drum and Bass (or Jungle) music parlance fast beats and minor chords.
That tune was dark, I first heard on these snidey E's and it was like, bad Dark, but it is proper DARKcore.
by Omar Khayam Ravenhurst May 12, 2003
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