Kiosk is slang for: Get the hell out. Often used in online gaming. It started in a danish comercial as Get out of my kiosk.
fred is cheating....KIOSK his ass.
by DESTROY February 8, 2006
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Kelly ate my hamburger. What a kiosk!


1: What is your dog?
2: A kiosk.
by Sarah Nuhasabitabedalah November 19, 2006
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the kreepy foreign dudes that work the kiosks in the malls that check your mother out when she walks by
ew mom that kiosk kreeper was totally just checking you out!
by mr.doodlebop777 January 30, 2010
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A guy who stands on the corner specifically of a city street and sells counterfeit watches and other "goods" from the inside of his trench coat.
You've seen them before I doubt you need an example a guy that sells ill gotten merchandise on a corner from the sleeves and other areas of his trench coat is a mobile kiosk
by jamsmitty December 26, 2008
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the act of being set upon by an overly agressive sales rep at a mall kiosk peddling the usual trinkets (perfume, trendy toys etc.)
I was walking through the Paramus Park mall minding my own business when I was kiosk ambushed.
by dunnro1 December 17, 2007
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A personal computer for people who are not interested in hobbyist computing; such users want to write e-mail, browse the Internet, and make light use of office applications, but they do not want to learn details about the computer or spend time maintaining it.
Grandfather doesn't want a fancy computer and doesn't want anything complicated. He only wants a home kiosk that he can use to send e-mail to the family and check news and weather on the Web.
by Okram Civokraz January 16, 2008
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