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The time when most people sleep, but also get drunk, have sex, have parties, playing video games, finishing last minute work, and really not sleep. Not much different from daytime, people wise
Jake:Whatcha do last night?
Jack:Uhh... "Sleep"
Last Night...
Oh yeah, do it you slut!
by Controlfreak October 25, 2014
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The best part of a 24 hour day. The sun gets old after the first 15 years, time for some night life! Darkness is when everything from robbery, drag racing, sex and other fun things happen. Without night we would all be really really tan and we can't have that.
Dude, I love the night, not alot of good shows on but still it fucking rules.
by Oz January 17, 2005
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A neckless human-like creature. This creature's species' name is called a 'Nightmaren'. This Nightmaren lives in peoples' dreams, trying to stop an evil man named "Wizeman" from taking over the Wake World. This Nightmaren can also fly and morph into objects, such as a fish-like creature.
NiGHTS flew all over Nightopia!
by Speedlight July 02, 2003
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To leave the "good" out of "good night" on purpose when the night has not been good.
Spouse 1: "goodnight spouse 2."

Spouse 2: "yeah, night"
by Boss351 June 08, 2010
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urban slang for sunglasses. The word derives from the idea that wearing sunglasses makes it seem like it's "night-time". Pluralization stems from the pluralization of "glasses" to describe a single item.
Guy#1: "Hey Guy#2, sure is blindingly bright out today, eh?"
Guy#2: "Fuck nigga, can't see shit 'cause I got my nights on!"
Ray Charles: "Word."
by t3hv01d February 04, 2011
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