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A truly saddening development of modern media. Programming which lacks any redeeming social, intellectual or moral value but is nonetheless poigniant in a macabre way due to the reflection it offers of a rapidly declining western culture. Primarily watched by mindless, brainwashed Americans who are long since bereft of any intelligent thought or recognizable human values (greed and self-interest notwithstanding).
Reality TV is one of the major reasons I decided to stop watching television entirely. That, and the fact that every news station in the country is owned by a very small number of rich white males who have absolutely no vested interest whatsoever in educating the public, offering useful information, or doing anything other than making more money than any human being could possibly have practical use for over several lifetimes.
by Erik Jacobson May 20, 2005
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Shit that's faker than Pam Anderson's titties and more fixed than pro wrestling!
by Anonymous September 09, 2003
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Shallow television because reality TV is a one trick pony. It relies on stretching out tension ridiculously and keeping interest with promising plot twists. In most cases, after you see a reality tv series once you pretty much show no interest to watch it again, and that's the only factor that will keep dramas and comedies alive on television. Unfortunately reality TV has saturated the networks so much that mundane fictional television shows are getting praise because there is a huge lack of variety despite hundreds and hundreds of channels. Reality tv = tv hell
by ih8uplzdie November 01, 2004
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Shows that get their entertainment value from the fake suffering of the cast members going through "real life" situations that never happen in the first place.
by poopie face April 26, 2003
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It's what MTV has dedicated its airtime to, instead of music.
MTV has so much Reality TV shows. They may as well rename "MTV" to "RTV".
by Didda Tinkle June 06, 2004
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