I'm not sure if it's TV, but I'm sure that whoever came up with the idea needs to be taken out and shot. Repeatedly.
He watched reality TV and lost his IQ in the process.
by Ainolketta February 18, 2005
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You can watch as the western world culture declines and cheapens. How long can you watch people on an island and still be entertained by it?
Reality TV is slowly taking over the airwaves while good programming like "ren and stimpy" is nearly impossible to find.
by Jabbers August 30, 2004
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TV that in reality has very little, if anything, to do with do with anything based on reality.
by Canadamus Prime June 22, 2004
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Aliens will never visit earth because they will see our reality tv shows and think we're all dumbasses who need to be killed.
by alienware 4tw May 15, 2005
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possibly the worst advent in television since pro wrestling. Basically an excuse for Fox TV to only have to spend $30,000 dollars on random street folk and a handycam, so they can tape for twelve hours and get ridiculously high ratings, turning a large profit in the process-originated with shows like COPS, and Candid Camera, and eventually degraded itself to shit like "The Simple Life," "Joe Millionare," and most recently and disgustingly, "The Swan"
"Rupert Murdoch is a walking, talking asshole who uses human degradation to add to his pile of blood-money."
by Philip J. May 29, 2004
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A waste of time. They just make a bunch of crazy, pointless shows with these hillbillies that they find on the side of the road. Or, more likely, find under a rock. The shows consist of rednecks trying useless attempts at catching large fish with their bare hands, trading a sheep for a car, and arguing over a storage box that may or may not have something useful in it. These shows involve sluts sitting on motorcycles for absolutely no reason and terribly-fake staged bar fights.
(Guy 1) Hey did you watch the new episode of Hillbilly Handfishing on the reality TV channel?
(Guy 2) Yes, and I almost died of boredom

(Guy 1) Have you ever watched Storage Wars?
(Guy 2) *runs and hides under bed*
(Guy 1) I'll take that as a no...?
by IAmAUnicorn April 03, 2013
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