The stuff people watch when they want to get away from their own pitiful realities.

Like soap operas, but with a cash prize at the end.
The Apprentice, Survivor, Girls vs. Boys, etc.
by Blast February 08, 2005
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About as real as seeing a cat doing my tax papers while whistling Stravinsky's "The Rite of Spring" in A-minor.
by AYB May 17, 2003
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not reality at all- seriously, who the fuck gets stuck on an island & wins money for it? you'll never see two rich bitches working on a farm, real top models do not endure contests/ challenges, a popular ultra-chic chick will never be caught dead with a nerd, and none of these 'american idols' ever become legends.

see shit
The surreal life, kept, strip search, fear factor, survivor, blow out, the bachelor, the bachelorette, beauty & the geek, the simple life, gastineau girls , americas next top model, american idol, pretty much every single fucking show- if you watch more than 3 of these on a regualr basis, you dont even have your own reality.
by lauren S July 19, 2005
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The mirror through which we can see the decline of our civilization.
If the Roman Empire was aroung today, reality TV would be the cause of its decline.
by jondapicam November 05, 2003
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A good example of how easy people can be entertained in the world of today.

Usually consists of 20 or so people, whoms IQ would add up to 64 if combined and have absolutely no chance of making it in the real world. Instead, you watch these people make total asses of themselves for public tv.

A waste of time, and a good example of how networks just have too much money and no good ideas. It was started my Road Rules of MTV(figures)
Person 1: Are you gonna watch that new reality tv show about two monkeys scratching their balls?

Person 2: No, I'm gonna watch that new one about people inventing stupid shit.
by Fuckitall June 02, 2006
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a shitty ass excuse for a TV show.

something people with no lives talk about durring social times.

Girl: Oh My God did you see the new real world it was so dramatic and good. that josh is such a hottie
Me: are you fucking kidding me bitch make me a sandwich and film it we'll send it into mtv because that is as interesting as that bullshit. fuck you. fuck reality tv. get a life.
by DoUNoTylrDurden April 10, 2005
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A really stupid idea those fuckshots from FOX decided to develop.
Guy #1: Did you see that new reality TV show on Fox last night?
Guy #2: Uhh..no, it looked too gay. Besides, jumping off a skyscraper for 200 bucks isn't reality...IT'S A FUCKING GAME SHOW!
Guy #1: Survivor doesn't have that!
Guy #2: Survivor was an excuse of a TV show. They interviewed a bunch of fucks on nation TV, turned them against each other, and then gave the winner money. GAME. SHOW.
Guy #3: Yea, and besides, they starved themselves. We're doing a hella great job of making sure our youth aren't becoming anorexic or bulemic aren't we?
Guys #1&2: Where the fuck did you come from? How did you get in?? Get the fuck outta our house!
by Hextacy July 05, 2006
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