a word that is used to sum up what someone else is saying when you agree

person 1 "This teacher needs to shut up"
person 2"agreed"
by sethgodokaos September 27, 2006
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Pre-emptive acknowledgement of something that may or may not have been agreed.

1> Used in an attempt to pre-empt further discussion by assuming agreement.

2> Used to reinforce agreement when it is mutually assumed.

3> Used as a greeting to imply the discussion or meeting occurance was previously agreed upon.
1> "Meet at Westbahnhof as agreed" - When you are at Westbahnhof and want your friends to come without discussion.

2> "So should I come around to your house as agreed?"
"Yeah man, as agreed!"

3> "As agreed bro, how have you been?"
by The Dr B February 1, 2008
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A short way of affirming what someone else is saying, especially when they are listing or ranting.
"We need more people at this party. I think inviting John, Paul, Pierre and Perry will liven up the vibes."
by Ugly dirtbag May 26, 2021
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To agree with something a person types.

Used as if it were a chat command.
by T3hFurious1 September 9, 2008
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Joe told Nino, "I am agreeful with your argument."

He is agreeful with the new government.
by Cire's Enemy August 15, 2022
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A word used quicky to trick someone into doing something they don't want to,counter'd by a swift door to the face or ball to the groin.
George: I ca(interrupted)
Graham:Agreed, ur comin out!
(Door Slams)

Graham:Want to knock for matt?
George: Matt No wa(interrupted)
Graham:Agreed, let's go!
George:Can you pass me the football.
Graham:(High-pitched yelp!!)Eeiii!
by Eisel Dier March 23, 2007
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