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TV that in reality has very little, if anything, to do with do with anything based on reality.
Big Brother 1-5
by Canadamus Prime June 22, 2004

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An ubersensative liberal moron whose taken a not-to-bad idea to it's absolute ultimate extreme to the point where we can't say or do ANYthing because it's not "politicaly correct" and may conceivably offend someone.
NEWS FLASH: No matter what you say or do, someone somewhere is going to be offended, it's a universal constant.
by Canadamus Prime June 22, 2004

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What we humans arrogantly presume to call a large population of humans.
*see oxymoron
Every time I turn on the TV I see examples of why human beings are not civilized; and as the word "Civilization" contains the root word "civil", there is no such thing as a "Human Civilization"
Shall I list off ALL the examples?
by Canadamus Prime May 18, 2006

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The pathetic last resort of someone who can't think of a decent comeback, but is too stubborn to admit defeat.
Guy A:"You're an idiot and dont' know what you're talking about!"
Guy B:"Yeah well... your mom!"
by Canadamus Prime May 19, 2006

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Death on a stick, both for the uber-moron puffing on thing and for anyone unfortunite enough to wander into the immediate vicinity.
SECOND HAND SMOKE IS DEADLY TOO! Go smoke those damn things elsewhere!
by Canadamus Prime June 22, 2004

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