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A truly saddening development of modern media. Programming which lacks any redeeming social, intellectual or moral value but is nonetheless poigniant in a macabre way due to the reflection it offers of a rapidly declining western culture. Primarily watched by mindless, brainwashed Americans who are long since bereft of any intelligent thought or recognizable human values (greed and self-interest notwithstanding).
Reality TV is one of the major reasons I decided to stop watching television entirely. That, and the fact that every news station in the country is owned by a very small number of rich white males who have absolutely no vested interest whatsoever in educating the public, offering useful information, or doing anything other than making more money than any human being could possibly have practical use for over several lifetimes.
by Erik Jacobson May 20, 2005

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An annoying, impeding, or otherwise undesirable person or object. Variation of Fuckshit.
"You sir, are undeniably a true shitfuck in every sense of the word."
by Erik Jacobson May 22, 2005

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Term used in large-scale internet role playing type games (MMORPG's). Short for additional. Denotes the arrival of an "add", or additional NPC character, usually one that has entered "aggro range" and joined the current fight.
"Shit, add"
*group dies*
by Erik Jacobson May 20, 2005

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Noun. A derivation of the word "Smackhead" (which denotes a heroin addict). Someone who is such a worthless bastard or idiot that they might as well be a full-on heroin junkie. This did not, as most of the current definitions suggest, originate from internet gaming, because it has been in use for the last 10 years or more. The author of this definition recalls using as well as hearing the word circa 1992.
"If you think this word originated from Battlefield '42, you're more of a smacktard than I thought."
by Erik Jacobson May 20, 2005

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