A code word for the act of masturbating in front of ones partner on web cam when other sexual acts are not possible
Sarah and I were reading last night on Skype and it made me want her sexy body so bad.
by Adude72 November 16, 2008
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When referring to a woman's breasts, size depends on how well she reads. The larger the size, the better she reads. Also another name for cleveage.
1) That girl definately looks like she's been reading...

2) Wow, you must have started reading early.
3) I just bounced my last shot off her reading.
by LibraryRapist September 20, 2009
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1. What boring people do to get more boring.
2. A waste of time
3. A way of knowing what films are about without actually getting the fun of watching the film.
4. A crap football team with a legend owner
5. The greatest rock festival in the world (see reading festival)
I'm reading Lord of the flies. What? Na it's shit.
by Sir Salty GoBadger III June 18, 2005
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dude 1: bro what is bro 3 doing???

dude 2: chill bro he's just reading

dude 3: *continues staring blankly at dead trees bound together with glue onto a plastic spine
by Jimmy hahah March 19, 2019
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