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To convince others to see things your way no matter what you have to do to get them to agree. Often by using threatening and false accusations against someone, something, or any idea that does not fit into the concept of how you personally think or feel it should be, for whatever reason you have, at any given time or moment.

Note- This does not guarantee the fact that some people that have an actual clue, will not see through your bullshit and total lies, AND call you out on it.

Fake people often do this, as it is essential for their survival.
I'm mad at you, and you won't do what I want you to do. So rather than admit my faults and try to fix things, I will make lies about you and spread them, to try to indoctrinate people against you, to make my own self look better and justify my actions.
by jfulldivajackett December 10, 2013
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