To convince others to see things your way no matter what you have to do to get them to agree. Often by using threatening and false accusations against someone, something, or any idea that does not fit into the concept of how you personally think or feel it should be, for whatever reason you have, at any given time or moment.

Note- This does not guarantee the fact that some people that have an actual clue, will not see through your bullshit and total lies, AND call you out on it.

Fake people often do this, as it is essential for their survival.
I'm mad at you, and you won't do what I want you to do. So rather than admit my faults and try to fix things, I will make lies about you and spread them, to try to indoctrinate people against you, to make my own self look better and justify my actions.
by jfulldivajackett December 10, 2013
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A catch-all phrase that political rightwing nutjobs just love to throw around nowadays.
Every normal person: University of insert name here is a great place to study. I had a fantastic time here, made new friends, and learned so much about my field of study.

Some political nutjob: don't go to this university unless you want to be indoctrinated by far left communist agendas that go against our inherent right to free speech
by UltimateDoge April 29, 2021
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"I prefer to say the word 'propaganda' instead of 'indoctrination'. But that's me."
by Dave February 9, 2004
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A word people like to use when other people try to teach their kids something that they don't agree with.
Indoctrination Example 1
Liberal Teacher: Today class we are going to learn about LGBT issues.
Conservative Parent: Stop indoctrinating my child to be a fag!

Indoctrination Example 2
Conservative Teacher: Today class we are going to learn about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
Secular Parent: Stop indoctrinating my child to be a fundie!
by gay fundie June 17, 2009
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A Trump Supporter building a tower to their god, Donald Trump.
An Indoctrinated Babylonian thinks Kyle Rittenhouse is a Patriot.
by thatswhatshesaid41 September 25, 2020
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A place a human-being is sent against their will to receive a washing of the brain, so as to stamp out independent thought and deep contemplation associated with meta-cognition and philosophy. An indoctrination camp will relentlessly smash into the brain of unsuspecting children ideas such as Germ Theory, Theory of Evolution, Dinosaurs, Helio-centrism etc, etc.
Sheep: Gonna send my little Johnny to the indoctrination camps so he can get his PHD and continue to push the absurdities of the modern world into the next generations.
Sarah: Are you stupid?
by The Narrow Path December 21, 2021
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