The act of defiling one's eyes to malicous, or mind-boggoling content.
Did you see how red John's eyes were? He must have been reading.
by Jeff Conte July 17, 2008
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"Like a slow version of T.V"
~ Neil, The Inbetweeners
Simon: What you doing?
Neil:" I'm reading, I don't know why anyone bothers with this s**t, its like a slow version of T.V"
by Aussie24680 January 27, 2012
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A lifeless suburban upper-middle class town 10 minutes outside of Boston full of snobby parents and teenage stoners everywhere who drive around and listen to dave matthews all day. Weekends are full of random houses and woods to booze in for fun and lots of cops who have nothing better to do but catch you.
"yo, i'm from reading, lets go on a blunt cruise and hit up jordans furniture for ice cream after, sound chill?"
by readingsGay March 22, 2007
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Home of emos, punks,goths, and lots (and I mean LOTS) of stoner grunge kids. Bad shopping,no music scene,basically the suburban version of London.
Also,lots of snobby rich kids who are *down* with grindie and worsip Alex Turner,even though they've never set foot on a council estate in their lives.
Strangely chav free town.Rumours persist they were hunted down and burned in a 1800s' style way.
Reading:Suburbia in denial.
"Wow,look at that seven year old kid smoking pot and rocking out to Velvet Underground CDs! He's a PRO,man!"

"Let's go to Reading!"
by bandanasarerad September 01, 2006
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Friend "Hey bro I tried calling earlier, what you up to?"
You: " Sorry I was "reading"."
by EL_Mark March 18, 2015
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the biggest waste of a highschoolers time. most kids these days have more important things to do like playing WOW or going outside and larping. i mean really who thinks that real kids are going to spend a perfectly good summer day inside reading when they could be sitting on there ass, eating, cheetoes, naked, with a floaty around their waist, playing halo on Live.
Harry told his mom he had no time for reading. he told his mom that he was going to go out to the park and run, when in reality he was actually going out to meet up with his WOW larping friends.
by Harry the larper February 12, 2007
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Code word used to describe the act of sexual intercourse (doing the nasty).
Girl you are off 'da hook! Why don't you and I enjoy some reading time?
by Oh-Nobody July 19, 2009
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