When Ilon and Tyler's volleyball team or Kyle's team initiates "rocket shots" whereby the volleyball travels 80 mph vertically until it hits the ceiling, serves that hit the rim of the basketball net, and/or volleys that result from one punching/judo chopping the ball. These events result in a "Re-Do" whereby both teams simply forget that these event(s) have ever happened and do the play over again.
Tyler:"omg, it bounced off the wall and she elbowed it"

by t91 January 17, 2009
A slang and somewhat dated term for money
Yesterday I somehow got lucky enough to find do-re-mi on the floor - 20 bucks. fa sho.
by Adel7 November 29, 2007
Notes most commonly associated with solfege singing.
Also used to teach people how to sing without sheet music.
My music teacher taught us how to sing do re mi fa so la ti do. She did this so that we could learn music without seeing the notes.
by music maestro March 11, 2019
Simplified version of piano notes, Usually used in the beginning of understanding music theory

C - Do
D - Re
E - Mi
F - Fa
G - Sol
A - La
B - Ti
A - Do
Joel: How was music class today?
Jeff: Well we were learning the piano
Joel: How did that go?
Jeff: Well, I sucked at first. But I remembered Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti Do and I can understand piano better
by Solvo January 29, 2022
While tripping acid, hold a 2nd wedding ceremony with on the spot vows and charades before sexing like rabbits
I asked darlene to marry me again, we’re having a re-I-do ceremony.. come trip with us
by Whitetrash cunttt June 13, 2019