some kick arse shoes that are cheap as. like converse, but cheaper and a fuckload more comfortable. think A$20 instead of A$60 for the aformentioned converse.
volleys are so awesome they don't need a definition
by sir kanklelot January 5, 2006
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A Volley is an individual that can go hyhpy and crunk at the SAME time.
This is not for everyone.
Only the fortunate can be a Volley.
Being a Volley is intense.
Please, do not try this at home and do not try being a Volley without parental supervison.
Oh shit,that ho is a Volley.
Craig is a Volley.
Monica says,"VOLLEY"and Craig says,"SIDEKICKsidekick".
Volleys are majorly hyphy.
by CraigEEzy© March 31, 2007
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"that guy is not lax; his is volley."
by willhson71 February 15, 2008
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When you have a back-and-forth email "conversation" with someone, and each of you keeps adding to the quoted thread with new information. The email go back and forth like a long-lasting volly during a volleyball game.
"We finally straightened out our misunderstading with an email volley. Of course, if I had just called her, we could have done it in a few seconds."
by Adam Haaretz May 1, 2006
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When after a motor vehicle accident, a minor part of one door is damaged, preventing that door from opening. The occupants could exit the vehicle through the other 1-3 perfectly functional doors, but the volunteer fire company insists that it is an entrapment, requiring complicated extrication measures, including but not limited to: busting windows, jaws of life, requesting a helicopter (for the MOI!) and loudly screaming gibberish on the radio.
Hey Dayne, did you hear about that crash yesterday?
No, was it real bad?
There was entrapment, but it was volley entrapment,
by DaynesWorld October 29, 2018
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Karate kicking a ball while jumping and saying "jumping volley"
Óran did a jumping volley to score the winning goal at the bbq.
by Jumping volley master August 12, 2021
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During tennis, when the ball lands on the back white borderline. This is obviously very VERY close to being out and takes alot of skill to do purposely.
*ball is returned and lands on very edge of the back line* "Moon volley, biatch!"
by ZT May 13, 2006
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