The astronomical levels of HOEING and the displaying on extreme levels, of GHETTO.

One who is very random and acts in ways of being LOUD & OBNOXIOUS

One who is DIRTY, LOW CLASS, NO MORAL VALUES and place themselves in a situation of being known in NEGATIVE WAY.

The JEALOUS, LONELY & BUSSA of the group.
Jessica: "Hey Ashley, what are you getting into tonight?"

Ashley: "Girl I wanna fuck about 3 dudes tonight and they in the same frat!"

Jessica: "Ugh, you are displaying extreme levels of ratchetness!"

Ashley: "Girl I know, I'm ratchet." "Don't ya think so?"
by StDFKJames September 17, 2009
Is a a mild infection sort of like the common cold. That maybe contracted through visiting various stores ie... Walmart, Family Dollar, Bodegas, or anywhere Quest is accepted. When contracted with the infection. You tend to do "IGNANT" S**T like going out in public with attire such as: SCARFS on YO HEAD, PAJAMA PANTS, & other CRAZY s**T that SET African-Americans back another 400 years. There is a CURE, but it's in a BOOK, & people that have "RATCHETNESS" are ALLERGIC 2 BOOKS! also look under the term: "NI**ASHIT"
BoomSheeka went into Walmart in Midtown with a bad case of Ratchetness.
by "The Party Killa" September 10, 2009
You might think this word means ghetto, dirty, trashy, loud, and hoeish ...BUT

This word is used to downgrade a beautiful individual or a group of beautiful women out of jealousy.

Women that are called ratchet are most likely women who are intelligent, low key, gorgeous, amazing, and fabulous with a down to earth personality.

Ratchetness is a term used by haters.
"Hey you see those girls over there doing the Macarena, dancing with each other around a pile of shoes, but still looking all cute?"

"Yea gurlll... ratchetness!"

"I know gurrllll!"
by a ratchet girl February 21, 2011

A connoisseur of ratchet women, especially those pulled from nightclubs after last call. The ratcheteer's natural mating call is Rihanna's Talk That Talk which he requests from the DJ or sits in the parking lot banging from his car. The Ratcheteer has a specialized mating dance, similar to a body roll, used to signal ratchets that he is in heat. He is especially adept at disposing of evidence in parking lots.

Once a ratcheteer has identified and brought his ratchet back from the club for an "afterparty" he seeks out four specific environments for mating:

1. A living room full of partygoers
2. A public balcony
3. Someones kitchen
4. An air mattress

The ratcheteer typically will have no recollection of the previous evening as they will sleep until noon the next day. They will only find out about their behavior once on word spreads of their ratchetry on social media websites. Ratcheteers will spend all Monday at work on Facebook deleting evidence so close friends and family do not discover their ratchetness.
Q. What time is it?
A. 1:57 AM.

Q. Did you see that guy parking lot creepin' on those ratchets?
A. Yes, he promised them soda and nuggets at his afterpary.

Q. He should be put on probation for ratcheteering son.
A. Fo sho. bboy.
by SON and BBOY November 20, 2012
To make something ratchet, ghetto, bad, ugly, or worse.
Wow, thanks for totally ruining and ratchetizing my party. It's so ghetto and annoying.

I look too good right now, I need to ratchetize myself.
by LingDanc803 October 30, 2018
Simply summarized by: a ghetto bitch who thinks she looks so good or is all that.

See: "Hot cheeto girl" "ghetto girl" "bitch" "douche"

May exhibit some of these:
-attitude or sassy or smart mouthed
-can be childish
-Rude or crude
-obnoxious (loud) or unruly
-thinks they are so pretty, or everyones eye candy
-mean girl behavior (spiteful, mean, cruel, manipulative, deceitful) especially to other females..
-indirect or direct aggression,
- wanting to fight over nothing (ghetto mentality)
-always has a beef with other ratchet females (can be over whos prettier or boy drama)
-dramatic or messy
-finds it funny or cute to be rude, mean, or spiteful to others (often found cackling with other ghetto douches) (*pfft* sound)
-head or eye rolling, lip smacking
-long nails, long ass eyelashes
-may be low class, or ghetto fabulous (weave, bright colored hair, or changes their hair or its color super often)
-snapchat stories are toxic wastefield
-might be dumb asf

Basically a douchebag if they were ghetto....
Stay away from these types of females.....
You: *looks at a ratchet girl*
Them: "Boo the fuck"
by Eydropz February 11, 2022
Diminutive of "wretched": of poor character; nasty; dirty; foul; morally reprehensible.
It's just a matter of time before these ratchet kids you hanging with get you in trouble.
by pseudoraphael December 2, 2014