A bitch that can be found in the ghetto.
A troublesome woman that can only give men problems.
A woman that will fist fight for her man "pimp".
ghetto girl
Look at that trashy ghetto bitch!
"Stop being a ghetto bitch!"
"Get that ghetto bitch in here to take care of your light work."
by The Dragon 9 July 5, 2006
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A late model compact car outfitted with numerous non-factory items including but not limited to: home-made spoiler, rice rocket exhaust system, custom rims, and various things made out of chrome.
If that purple Civic ain't a ghetto bitch ride, I don't know what is.
by boomer2 April 14, 2003
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attractive young black women from the projects who speak and act ghetto and also can be very dangerous if angered and/or disrespected.
Boy, you better stay away from them ghetto project bitches unless you want to get cut!
by Grandmasta Bushido 10k April 25, 2018
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A white woman who lives in lewiston who thinks she hot shit but crazy as a motherfucker
by kirya August 30, 2015
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