Midtown is infinitely better than Senses Fail because they actually write good music.
by Anton December 9, 2004
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you haven't heard of melt bannanna? you're so totally midtown.
by dislocatedelbows May 25, 2003
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dated, un-cultured, lame
My aunt and uncle came to visit and it is scary how midtown they are. They thought our Picasso print was children's art.
by Glorfindel June 4, 2004
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Breathing is SO midtown. Being anarobic is so deck.
by boohaapoo January 12, 2006
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54th street is in the midtown.
by Mid-Town September 23, 2003
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the center of kcmo, along with westport, which is full of art fags and punks. midtown is also the only place in kansas city where you can find house parties full of underage drinkers pouring into the street until 3 or 4 am.
"hey, where are you partying at these days?"
"oh, that's lame."
"whatever, at least our parties don't get busted at 11pm, douche."
by ohballs August 21, 2008
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A band, with some nice music
That midtown concert was great.. but Senses Fail is better.
by joseph February 13, 2004
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