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The act of fucking a girl, raw, while she is on her period, and proceeding to wipe the blood and cum off of your dick, and spreading it on her face as done with war paint in the movie Rambo
Me: I was ramboing a bitch last night, and she slapped me.

Bob: You actually wiped that shit on her?
Me: hell yeah. Lmao
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by RichardDixon December 10, 2017
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An adjectival verb used when a) dressing up as Rambo, the 1981-2010 film star, for fancy dress; or b) by killing something in hand to hand combat using hands or a combat knife.
Dude, I'm gonna be Ramboing shit up tonight for that party!
I'm gonna fuck shit up Ramboing that deer over there
by NM1993 October 30, 2011
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