1. to create disorder (best in public)
2. make a bad mistake
lets fuck shit up!
oh no! i've fuck shit up
by ttt November 21, 2004
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1) To not give two fucks about anyone or anything. To be a dick and very inconciderate in a public place.

2) To be a complete asshole outside of your house and not care if you get booked

3) To go out during the weekend with your closet friends and party the night away while not caring what you look like cause your having so much fun

4) Making a fucking riot in a place of business.

5) Destoying public propertiy in a non orderly fasion.
1) Lets go out to the mall tonight and fuck shit up.
2) Lets so if we can get away with fucking shit up at the police station.
3) Tony: What are you doing tonight
Rod: Fucking shit up with you and the crew
4) Lets got to the store and fuck shit up
5) Mr. Asshole over there yelled at us last week for being on him lawn. Well im going to fuck shit up at his house tonight. That will show that cock boy to fuck with me.
by Rod Swan December 2, 2006
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"Yo, Bri, when we get out there, we gonna fuck shit up!"
by 1brotha January 30, 2010
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(verb)- the act of dominating or doing something hard to accomplish in any activity
"Dude, we totally just beat Call of Duty Modern Warfare on Veteran in like 5 minutes"

"I know man, things look easy when we fuck shit up"
by Grizzly Shred November 23, 2009
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(1) to mess up, to make something fubared, and/or to mess with for no reason

(2) to smoke a certain amount of weed therefore messing your self up
i'm bored, we aren't doing anything, lets go fuck some shit up
by kay December 9, 2003
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To cause trouble by being careless on purpose, or to cause a riot.
Also Used in a song from be you're own pet
"Have fun, and be safe with it, just kidding, FUCK SHIT UP."
by .E.D. August 19, 2006
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the act of getting wasted off of stolen alcohol; typically followed by various acts of destruction upon a neighborhood, which may or may not include the act of burglary/grand theft
I'm bored, lets go fuck shit up
by duuuuuuuuude123 May 16, 2009
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