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V. One versus many (beers).
If one man has to combat multiple beers without the help of allies.
The keg was leaking and no one was available to help, eston had to do a rambo.
by Robert Krauss September 07, 2007

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The ultimate in Beer drinking abilities. An unlimathon is only achieved by those with the ability to defeat anyone in sprint drinking and endurance drinking. That is, to beat any opponent in a pint race or a last man standing competition. The Unlimathon extends further into other drinking games and competitions. An Unlimathon drinker is an all around un-defeatable opponent.
Eston is an Unlimathon beer drinker.
by Robert Krauss September 01, 2007

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Noun. A form of basketball defense in which the defender mimics a tree. This is often accomplished by waving your hands majestically like a tree's branches in the wind. Occasionally the defender slaps gently at the ball in the opponent's hands. The goal of treefense is to prevent the opponent from scoring by making them laugh and miss their shot.
Bob could not stop Eston's drive to the hoop so he used treefense to win the game.
by Robert Krauss November 12, 2007

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Noun. Racist about shirts. If someone is wearing a black/grey/etc. shirt and someone else complains about it, they are a shirtsist.
Malcolm said "what is that, a grey shirt?" What a shirtstist. He is so biased against grey shirts.
by Robert Krauss September 21, 2007

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