Killer of demons, Great son, Great ruler and a great husband. The guy who kicks asses in jungles. A guy who can make oceans quiver and hills break. Complete human being who lives a simple life and of course a charmer
Ram is such a charmer.

Ram is a demon killer.
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by Zhammer May 02, 2017
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Yorkshire talk enit
Yorkshire slang?? Yorkshire lingo??
(Yorkshire, England)
something disgusting or gross or rank or vile
'dude I just ate a mushed strawberry off the floor'
'what the hell man that's ram'

'have u seen how much makeup that slag's gotten on'
'I know it's ram'

'this tuna and Nutella sandwich is ram it's killing my tastebuds'
by htmlpineapple July 05, 2014
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'Ram' originates from North East Yorkshire, in a small town called Market Weighton.

The word is used to describe something that is disgusting, foul, or ugly.

Either way 'ram' is used negatively.
"You're RAM!"

"There's ram where your face should be"

"Omg Dappy that's so ram"

"Thats well ram"
by b*button May 10, 2009
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the word ram is simply a negative word used in place of disgusting, awful, horrid etc. it is used mainly up north by us joskins in the eastern area of yorkshire.
Eww, ya seen kellys new boyf? He's proper ram mate, like doesn't even wear adidas, lonsdale all day with that kid.
by kayleetothekaylee February 25, 2012
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