That is strange playing with your nostrals in the swimmimg bath your ram
by Coolcav February 28, 2017
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As of 1995, the Rams have played in St. Louis. They won their first Super Bowl in the '99/00 season under Dick Vermeil. He retired after the season and Mike Martz became the team's head coach, who became famous for his careless challenges, awful clock management, and poor use of timeouts. However, '01/02 Rams were talented enough to make it to the Super Bowl, but lost to the Patriots. As of 2005, Mike Martz is still the coach. The Rams have only had one sub-.500 season under Martz, which I suppose is justification enough for keeping him around.
I would enjoy a thrashing of the Rams at the hands of Seattle. Not the Seahawks, mind you, but the entire city of Seattle, grunge rock and all.
by Diggity Monkeez January 08, 2005
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to have sexual inter-course
I would ram her.
That girl is rammable.
by israel castro November 02, 2007
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We played with the ram before putting it into the computer, hoping we wouldn't statically damage the ($$$) chips. (See ESD)
by Someone else October 15, 2002
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Ram originates from North East yorkshire, in a small town called Bridlington.

The word is used to describe something that is Disgusting or Foul, or possibly ugly.

Either way 'ram' is used negativly.
Oh my god, Kelly that is Ram, I can't believe you farted.

He is Ram

Your Ram
by TWIIIIIICE March 06, 2005
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1. An animal, much like that of a sheep, but with curled horns
2. Another word for "screw" or "mate" or "fuck"
3. Word used to imply force
1. "Holy Shit, dude, did you just hit a fuckin ram??!?!?!"
2. eeewww. Kasun rammed Jack
3. My foot wouldn't fit up Mr Hayes' tight arse so i had to ram it in with full force.
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