Ready ass mother fucker

Any chick that’s ready to smash on demand,
Shorty that’s always on go.
Did you see ole girl at the party? Shorty is a bonafied ram.
by Marcellus Monday December 02, 2019
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I would really like to ram Jenny Jenson
by Nick B November 04, 2003
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A curse word commonly found among students at River City High School. It refers to the mascot of the hated Dixon High School. It is extremely offensive and replaces most curse words.
by nickjonaszgurl January 08, 2010
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Beyond making love, having sex, and fucking. To have forcefull relations with someone, without much concern for their pleasure. When you bang someone like you hate them, with the point being to acheive your orgasm and leave your partner wanting more.
I'd make love to my wife, have sex with my girlfriend, fuck my misstress, but I'd ram that broad over yonder.
by helljin December 28, 2005
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A mutual agreement made by two parties in which one party "flops" on the agreement. The other party is informed by another individual/group and not the party that was part of the agreement.
A: Your comign to Amy's Party?
R: Yes most definitely wouldnt miss it for the world

2 days later

A: I heard your flopping on the party
R: Yeah i have some work to do

A: You just pulled a ram
by ramgumar123 March 22, 2010
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