We played with the ram before putting it into the computer, hoping we wouldn't statically damage the ($$$) chips. (See ESD)
by Someone else October 15, 2002
They call him Ram because he’s better than the Goat.
by YoungABF October 19, 2019
another word for "tap", "bone" or "have sex with". is usually used to show appretiation for very good looking people.
"that girls fit, i'd ram that"
by ve03h May 1, 2005
'Ram' originates from North East Yorkshire, in a small town called Market Weighton.

The word is used to describe something that is disgusting, foul, or ugly.

Either way 'ram' is used negatively.
"You're RAM!"

"There's ram where your face should be"

"Omg Dappy that's so ram"

"Thats well ram"
by b*button May 10, 2009
Urrgh he's drinking a pint of bull semen! Thats ram that is!
by Marlowe March 19, 2003
One of the best trucks on the road. They can survive almost anything you can throw at them. Dodge also uses the Cummings diesel in the Ram, but some people put International or CAT engines in their trucks.
If you can't Dodge it, Ram it!
by Redneck Rich February 1, 2009