1st definition
When you completely own or destroy somebody in any circumstance. The form of own-age can range from anything from answering a question before a completely random individual to killing an opponent in the heat of battle.

2nd definition
Rallied- the act of wrecking shop

3rd definition
Rallied - when a person, place, or thing is affected in any negative fashion

4th definition - the act of being schooled or served (when saying served exagerate the "rv" portion and precede with a phrase like you sucka's got seRVed)
1. The following statement: "12 months ago a young boy gets hit by a freight train when riding his bike across the railroad tracks. As his body lands his remains are picked at by birds and critters till all that left is a few blood stains and fractions of bones" would be equivalent to saying "A while back a boy got rallied"
2. Before pulling the trigger, a distinguish gangster would say "boy you about to be rallied
3. Here is an example of an inanimate object rallying and individual: As a 17 year old waitress goes about her daily tasks she pours an distinguished business man his third cup of coffee but succeeds in missing the cup and spilling the coffee all over his lap, an onlooker (up to date with his urban slang) "says that coffee rallied that man" (notice the attention was on the coffee not the waitress because 17 year old waitress are often stressed out and do not deserve to be held completely responsible by such accidental actions).
by Benji November 6, 2004
Guy #1 "I just got rallied."
Guy #2 "Do you mean that you made some form of a comeback?"
Guy #1 "No. I just got the wrong order at the fast food place."
by kidnic* July 16, 2020
When your just like out of it,the morning after a night looking like death or looking like a complete mess. Could even be rallied on the way home from the night out.
by Rallieidddd January 2, 2019
Clawing your way out of the depths of drunken hell and rejoining the party in full-on pimp style.
Person 1: "Did you see babyglo rally like a champ last night?"
Person 2: "Yeah, and she managed to find her sunglasses!"
by SamKram October 5, 2006
Commonly found in college students’ vocabulary, the act of regaining strength and motivation to continue consuming alcohol and attending parties. One may want to “rally” after consuming alcohol for a number of hours prior to a party, yet when the time of the party arrives he/she is too tired or drained to persist. The act of “rallying” would then take place to ensure attendance at the party.
"Katie, pull yourself together and rally! Let's go."
by sophanc September 25, 2014
An extremely long basketball shot. Meant to be made, although no effort was made whatsoever for its completion. Usually results in removing from the court.
Tony was rallising against white plains, he chucked up mad threes and a rallis.
by Peterballer91 February 2, 2010
When the car is specifically made to go vroom vroom fast on all type of ground surface. It will go vroom fast over bumps, it will go vroom droft handbreak on corners
Rally is fast (`・ω・´)
by JapaneseGaurd August 8, 2019