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Home of some of the greatest legends of Westchester. Including Ron Burgundy, Mattie Diesel and T.I. members including Pink Rob. Over 15 Dunkin Donuts locations and some of the cheapest gas in Westchester. Also three C.V.S locations within a half a mile from each other.
where are you going tonight?
ummm white plains.......where else?
by pf william t santiango February 27, 2009
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A person who gets the vaccine and and flaunts it will high end shopping, trips, and parties
Once Lisa got the vax she turned into such a vaxinista
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Best town in Westchester. As a result of several unfortunate events in the early months of 2005, this town is known for being host to parties which are destined to be abruptly ended by the city police (particularly if this party is attended by one Brian Klasner). However, police tend to use illegal tactics to end these parties, so legal action is rarely taken.

This "small" town has recently been drastically upsized as a result of the newly constructed movie theatre/city center. This very diverse town gets along very well. With a very diverse population, this is an all-around great city.
1.) January, 2005 - Hotel party in Tarrytown, thrown by a WPHS student, ends with 12 "arrests". Rumors started by chief of police that the host used internet invitations. Meanwhile, the host does not even know how to properly use a computer. Takes police approximatly 6 days to find the host. Nothing is done.

2.) St. Patricks Day, 2005 - 23 WPHS students are caught at 10:23 AM at residence of a student, skipping class to drink green beer. When asked about the drinking, the students denyed it...too bad they decided to dye their beer green. For a few hours, it was believed that there would be no high school sports as a result of this party.
by B.Balls March 27, 2005
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You Know you live in WP when:
- You hear on monday about the 5 parties coming up on the Weekend

- Youve attended an amazing party organized by myself and b klaz

- Our Parties make Channel 12 news

- You look Like you belong in an abercrombie and fitch catalog

Yea we have our share of ethnicities and our wanna be "hoods". We have the occasional guido who gives all Italians a bad name, but truth of the matter is these people are out of context wp residents. Those "hoods" in Wp are nothing compared to our bronx or Mt. Vernon Counterparts. Some kids who are out of place living in WP Call themselves ghetto but reality is Were rich, were white, were preppy, we have houses in the hamptons.... we all wear abercrombie and pop our collars , we start our weekends on thursdays, We throw ridiculous parties, and WE LOVE Where we live and who we are. Call us WASPS Call us Assholes, it all comes down to u wish you could be us...
Any typical scarsdale kid.. "Where can i get some yay?"

Scarsdale is full of fags...

Scarsdale kids wish they threw parties like White plains kids, but there no where near as cool as us

If you love Scarsdale so much then why is it every time i turn around in WP i see some kid with a Scarsdale Lacrosse Jacket or a Scarsdale Soccer Jacket? WE WHOOP YOUR A$$'s in Lacrosse
by JMD aka That kid from WP October 26, 2005
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A boring, phony, sterile "city" in Westchester. Has a lot of malls though little culture, flavor, or character to it. Basically a more built-up version of affluent suburbia, calling it a "city" is misleading.
White Plains just seems to perfect to seems more planned than evolved, unlike Yonkers, a haphazard mess of everything.
by YO Man December 25, 2004
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