If you come here and you're secretly gay but don't know it yet, then after half a year you will be openly gay.
If you go to Raffles Institution, you have a 97% chance of finding out you are gay
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Raffles Institution is a premier school in its country. Everyone in the school is thought of as nerds, but in actually fact half of the school doesn't hand in their work on time, and the other half is too busy acting cool.

However, miraculously, the school excels in almost all fields and competitions it takes part in.
Have you seen the marks the people in Raffles Institution get? They are impossibly high!
by Random RI student April 10, 2006
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Raffles Institution is supposedly the best school in Singapore, but the truth is that it is just like any other school, if not worse in terms of behaviour. All the Raffles Institution students seem to enjoy causing intense pain to their teachers and disobeying them on purpose. In fact, I don't understand how they are still able to excel.
Ethan: Hey, I heard you are from Raffles Institution, how smart of you!
John : You better thank god that you are not there....
by CutiepieRaffles April 15, 2019
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Raffles Institution (RI), founded in 1823, is the oldest and most prestigious school in Singapore for pre-tertiary education. It is an independent school, providing secondary education through a boys-only Year 1-4 section and pre-university education through a co-educational Year 5-6 section. Its current campus is in Bishan. It's Sister School is Raffles Girls' School (RGS). There is a stereotype that every Rafflesian is a nerd and geek, but they are mostly all-round individuals.
Tim: Which secondary school do you want to go to?
Tom: Oh I wish to go to Raffles Institution, my PSLE score is sufficient, since their COP is only 216.
Tim: I'm afraid, my friend, that instead of 216, it is 261.
Tim: Oh no screw you :(
by Hol Up November 27, 2017
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Also know as waffles institution, an L school, thinking that it is compatible with Hwa Chong Institution and Nanyang Girl's High School, but they think too much. Full of nerds who only knows how to study unlike the other two which is genius in everything. Good in making waffles though, since it is not know as waffles institution for no reason.

Best cheer: Waffles, waffles 👏👏Waffles, waffles
Example 1
Grandma: ah boy ah, good job hor which school u go
Boy: go Raffles Institution lah I love their waffles and being a nerd is a good thing leh
Grandma: 🤓🤓🤓
by .?!.) (O., January 29, 2023
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Best School in Singapore, really very hard to get in. People who are in RI may seem as nerds but are actually well rounded and cool ppl. There’s air conditioning in every single classroom unlike most other schools. Also RI has many cool jackets and hoodies and even has a gorgeous black and gold polo. So if u have good psle score come ri
Wow that guy is from Raffles Institution! They’re so swag!
Ah boy ah go RI not HCI RI is best school in Singapore you know!
by viva la oscar February 16, 2022
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Synonym for bourgeois entrenchment. Raffles Institution is a premier, middle-class institution and stop on the elitist through train to success. Often seen as the paragon of meritocracy, the median household income here is $24,000 whereas the average household income is $45,000.
I love studying in Raffles Institution.
by Hooch Stylist October 1, 2017
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