The area code for cleveland. also known as a set or crew originating in the late eighties early nineties. This group is known for sticking together in numbers, and solving differences violently. Not your normal " street gang ". A family and group of friends from Cleveland who are proud of their city and heritage. Always making sure that others know who they are and where they are from. SOme of the 216 goes by the aliases Freak, Blue, Sluggo, Fatbak, Ghetto E, Greedo, and Gonzo.
" I ran into the 216, they were 20 deep, and looking for a fight!" When one gets jumped or beaten severely this term is also known as being "216 ed"
by Wayne Junior August 28, 2006
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Chapter in the manga, "Domestic na Kanojo". In this chapter there is a major breakup. Traumatizing for RuiXNat fans.
Pink: Rui is still endgame!
Orange: 216 lol
by ISellFreeMoney March 21, 2019
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“216” classically pronounced “two-sixteen” is a name used amongst bro’s as reference to a bro piss, preferably while listening to NLE Choppa. 216’s are never meant to be turned down. Unless one bro just recently went on a 216, turning down a 216 is an outrage and a disgusting form of disrespect amongst bro’s.
Bro who needs to urinate: “Sup boys, 216?”

Bro(s) who don’t need to piss but still gotta do it for the boys: “yeah buddy, let’s go.”
by Julm September 26, 2019
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a condition which causes a female to crave two "ones" in her "six", in which the "ones" represent fingers, while the "six" represents the vagina.
also, the act of putting two "ones" into someone's "six."
Your moms 216.
I 216ed your mom last night.
He was 216ing her.
by jlkfsajlkfdsljkfdsljk;fl;jk April 25, 2008
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It's the product of 6 x 6 x 6. A person who has this number tattooed on their person has identified themselves as an agent of change and rejects the status quo that has been set forth by religion.
Don't hang out with that guy, he got that 216 tattoo'd on his arm.
by Leon Figski August 24, 2009
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the second letter of the alphabet B and the sixteenth letter P, meaning "black power"
by fuknshit January 22, 2021
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A chapter from DomeKano which shows the breakup of Rui and Natsuo done so beautifully that it elimanted any chance of Hina getting with Natsuo.
"Hina fans after Chapter 216? LOL," said Rui fans.
by Jews For Jesus March 21, 2019
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