Word used by people who are too stupid to add two extra letters and spell the actual word, whore.
"uR a sTuPiD hor!!!!!thirteen"
by Brittany Flaherty August 27, 2006
another epic word that is not tagged out in kahoot. so use it during school or else. created by bella the horse girl.
“who is hor?”

it is me now leave me alone and let me win the kahoot or else.”
by miniongirl101 February 18, 2021
when someone’s too much of a whore to be *just* a hoe
Tori Vega is a hor! She doesn’t deserve Jade.
by thebiggest_hor November 26, 2019
1. shortened version of a last name
2. prostitute/whore/slut
3. friendly greeting
1. i saw dave hor at pennstate last weekend!
2. yo, hor, way to take off your shirt!
3. hey hor! we miss and love you.
by sexyhor12 March 15, 2005
Literal spelling of hor. Normally use sarcastically online, rarely as a direct insult, unless you are a complete idiot and do not see what when you misspell as simple a word as whore you will be mocked endlessly by the elite grammar nazis of the 'net.
-My heade is pastede on, yay!
-That's my head, hor!
by Megan September 5, 2004
A word used by a couple to describe hoes. The word originated from a spelling mistake. If you say it out loud it sounds funny.
by plami_mitko May 14, 2018

-insert face here-
She sleeps in an alleyway, does drugs, and sucks dicks.

She's a hor.
by itbacktakingspimp October 31, 2007